Decision Support Strategies

What we do: We use Multi Criteria Decision Analysis to help organizations prioritize project alternatives, courses of action or contenders. MCDA leads to a better decision making process. It is most valuable when decisions are complicated, when tradeoffs between alternatives exist, subjectivity is present, and accountability is necessary. We are so passionate about MCDA that we named our company after this powerful decision aid.

How we do it: We use MCDA tools to find the alternative that best meets your conflicting objectives. These tools synthesize complex information about the consequences of various courses of action, and help prioritize your alternatives so you can make a selection. First, you meet with us and tells us about your goals, alternatives, and what’s important to you and your stakeholders. We understand that some of your alternative evaluation criteria are intangible, and that’s ok. Together we gauge how each alternative fares on each criterion, even if there is some uncertainty to consider. We then rank your alternatives and present the top options. Finally, we carry out a sensitivity analysis: you will see if the best alternative changes if you change your mind a little about how important a criterion is. Once you are comfortable with the results, you receive a report that documents exactly how you arrived at your decision – MCDA tools help defend your selected course of action.

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