Strategic Marketing

What we do: We use our marketing expertise to help you grow. We act as your Chief Marketing Officer, so you can focus on your core business. We also help strategize and implement your entry into certain international markets. Many small and mid-size firms need a marketing strategy, but are not ready for an in-house Chief Marketing Officer. We provide a marketing executive on a contractual basis for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CMO. We understand Engineering and Construction and have decades of marketing experience in instruments and controls manufacturing, so we tend focus on small to medium manufacturers who are targeting the A/E/C industry.

How we do it: We listen to your goals, develop a marketing plan, and implement it for you. We provide the same services as an in-house marketing professional. Some firms hire us on an ongoing monthly retainer relationship while others seek our CMO services on a project basis. Some firms have established relationships with graphic designers, website developers and technical writers, and others do not. We work with your vendors or tap into our network of marketing professionals. For international market entry, we rely on our knowledge, working experience and relationships in South America and Western Europe.

Industry Focus


engineering-smallOur understanding of engineering is backed by advanced engineering degrees and decades of experience. We focus on civil engineering: water resources, environmental, geotechnical, structural and construction engineering. However, we don’t shy away from helping organizations that operate in other technical fields.

The understanding of engineering is essential to our strategic decision support practice. When modeling decision making problems engineers are facing, we quickly grasp the alternatives being considered and the various evaluation criteria at play. This helps us communicate more effectively, shortens our interaction time and makes us very efficient in delivering results. Even in non-engineering decision situations, our systems engineering training and mindset are essential: we see the big picture, are not deterred by complexity.

In our strategic marketing practice, we bridge the communications gap. As chief marketing officers for firms targeting the engineering market, we understand the nuances of educating people who have been educated like us, work like us, and think like us about your product or service.


manufacturing-smallOur understanding of manufacturing comes from our engineering background coupled with years of serving as marketing executives for the instruments and controls industry. We understand the language spoken by your technical team and the challenges your small enterprise faces. That understanding is essential for us to produce and execute a marketing plan customized for you.

If you lead a manufacturing firm – particularly a fledging one – you are probably a passionate engineer, surrounded by other highly qualified engineering professionals. When we become contract CMOs for firms like yours, you add another colleague to your team.